Accent Connection was created in 2019 to connect English Language Learners (EFL and ESL) with the highest quality Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech Therapists from around the world by using the internet and video conferencing. At that time the vast majority of accent reduction and accent modification services being offered online were being performed by English language teachers with no background or qualifications in phonetics and meta-linguistics and how they relate to accent reduction and accent modification. The CEO and founder of Accent Connection learned of this himself as he watched his wife, an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learner, study. Resolving to help his wife, and the 1.5 billion English Language Learners across the globe, be better understood, have an easier time traveling and doing business, and encountering less frustration in their everyday English speaking needs, Seth Koster created Accent Connection as a labor of love.

About Us

“By harnessing the power of the internet, we will create a bridge across the world for those people seeking to improve their English language accent, and the qualified Speech-Language Pathologists who can help them.”

Seth Koster, M.S. CCC-SLP, Founder