Do you want more online clients?

Well of course you do, we all do!

The REAL question is – how do you get more clients?

There are countless marketing tactics and strategies, from doing your own Google Ads to hiring a marketing firm, all with different costs and complications.

They’re expensive, difficult, or both… But we’ve found a better way!

Instead of you trying to do it all we do the work of marketing to bring you accent modification clients from all over the world.

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Get New Clients!

How does it work?

You can think of it like a dating site, but for clients.

You fill out a profile page highlighting your strengths and achievements and when a potential student sees your profile they send you a message through the website.

You meet with your new client on your terms, offering the services that you feel are best. We are not a staffing agency, we don’t tell you what to do or how to do it, and we certainly don’t take a percentage of what you earn!

Imagine creating an online private practice that you can take with you anywhere, that follows your schedule, and is custom fit, by you, to suit your needs…

Imagine no more IEPs, no more SOAP notes, and best of all, you setting your own rate!

So who are these clients and how do they find you?

Get New Clients!

Get New Clients!

Let’s take a common example:

Raj is an Indian engineer who lives in Mumbai. Raj has worked hard and is now being offered the opportunity to work overseas for his company’s office in the United States. He has high level English, studied for a year at Oxford, but he feels that in his professional role his accent makes it difficult for his co-workers and, most importantly to him, his boss to understand him.

In the past Raj would go to an English school and hope that one of the teachers had some ability to help him change his accent… But now, with the internet being everywhere, Raj goes online and does a search. Raj finds Accent Connection through our targeted advertising and he comes to the website. Raj sees your profile and loves loves LOVES the idea of not just having an English teacher, but having an accomplished speech therapist…

So he sends you a message!

Stop looking for SLP jobs and start creating an Accent Modification private telepractice!

Get New Clients!

We’ve all been there, searching for that company that will pay us what we’re worth for online speech therapy jobs, scared of opening a clinic due to the costs and the risk, but also knowing that we can do so much more…

We’ve come to an amazing time in history, when starting your own telepractice can be as easy as turning on your computer.

You can take on as few or as many online accent reduction clients as you want, and since we bring you clients from all over the world you can still keep your day job and see your new clients in the mornings, evenings or even weekends if you want…

Until you decide to quit and go private practice only!

So take advantage of our free trial and start today!

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