1. What licensure do I need?

-To be listed on Accent Connection (this site) you need proof that you are a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist or Speech Therapist (depending on your country and its preferred term for our profession). For most of you this will be your ASHA certification, though you can also use a state license, and of course or a certification from your country (if it is not the USA) will also work.

2. Can I join on a month to month basis?

-Yes! All memberships are month to month, you can cancel anytime.

3. Depending on my workload, can I join for a month or two, get clients, then not rejoin until I need more clients again?

-You can, but if this happens a lot we may end up having to change our model or raise rates so we can stay in business.  As an SLP myself I think it is wise to have a steady stream of clients coming through my doors. Also, a person can only sign up for one account and every license is verified, so if you rejoin you have to restart your subscription (no additional free months).

4. How does it work…potential clients find you and you refer them to your lists of therapists?

-Well, you can think of it like a dating site. You put up your profile and our job is to go and advertise for prospective clients and get them to the site to see your profile. Everyone gets an equal chance of coming up first in searches except members of the Featured User Plan who will always come up before the Professional Plan members.

5. Do you get a commission on the clients I book?

-Nope, all we charge is our monthly subscription.

6. Are there any other potential costs besides the monthly membership?

-Well, you need to have access to the internet and a usable platform (such as Zoom or similar) to provide the training. You will likely want to have whatever training and materials you need. From our end, there is no additional cost, though.

7. Do I need a resume or just my accent certifications?

-For our site you only need your certifications, but you might want to share information with potential clients. We provide a text area both to talk about yourself as well as one to talk about your methods of instruction and anything else important to you.

8. I am a member of ASHA and my US state’s organization. Do you know if I have to have a license in another state in order to service them?

-Our understanding, though we are not lawyers, is that having an accent is not a disorder and is therefore not a therapeutic activity. It is performed by SLPs, teachers, and people with no certifications whatsoever. We are not alone in this viewpoint, the people at Compton P-ESL have a similar statement. But if you are concerned you should check with any relevant organizations.

9. Is my internet good enough?

-In order to provide good quality service via telepractice you need two things: High speed and low latency (ping). A good rule of thumb is that you want a minimum of 5 Mbps upload and download speeds. This gives you more than enough bandwidth to handle the video conferencing, share your screen, and access the internet at the same time. Of course, more is better! For latency, also called ping, your goal should be less than 250ms. This is ¼ of a second and it is the amount of time between when you speak and when your client hears your voice. Ping depends on distance. If your clients are in Asia you will need to test your ping with a server in Asia. Use this link https://www.speedtest.net/ to test your speed. Be sure to change the server on the right side below the circle to a server in the location you will be connecting to.

10. Is my computer good enough?

-The bare minimum requirements you should be looking for is a 2Ghz CPU and 4 Gb of RAM. However, this is really at the very minimum level you will need, and your machine will quickly slow down if you have multiple apps or webpages open. A far wiser course of action would be to spend a bit more on a better computer. Desktops at the same specifications will almost always be faster than laptops since laptops use low-power CPUs and other components to save battery life and make other compromises that impact performance. A separate monitor from the computer itself is also better since the all-in-one computers have the same space issues that laptops have, although they do not have the power issues. If you budget $500 – $600 USD you should be able to buy a computer and monitor that will handle all of your needs. If you can spend a bit more, a 2nd monitor is a great investment since you can have other apps and windows open on it that you can reference or be prepared to drag into your main, shared monitor.

11. What certifications do I need?

-With a relevant degree and certification as a Speech-Language Pathologist or Speech Therapist, you have the basic requisite knowledge to serve your clients. However, additional certifications are always welcomed by clients due to the legitimacy they add to your services and due to the additional expertise you will gain. We encourage you to post your certifications (check with the issuing agencies to ensure you are allowed to do so) so your potential clients can see the added value they will get from working with you.

12. What times can I work?

-Any time you want! In general, clients in Asia will often be looking for therapists who can meet either in the mornings or at night in US time zones. The best thing you can do to increase the number of clients who want to connect with you is to look at the time zones for the clients you want to serve and set your availability to coincide with the times they are usually not working or going to school.

13. What platforms work?

-Depending on the location of your client, it can range from everything that is common in your home country to needing to work with the client to find out which ones work best for them. We have a guide to that located here.

14. How do I get paid?

-Depending on the location of your client, it can be as simple as sending them an invoice as you would any other client, letting them buy blocks of time on your online booking page, or even just sending them a PayPal link to follow. Other clients may use payment systems that are localized to their country or region. We have a guide located here.

15. What about the politics of the countries where my clients live?

-Discussion of politics on the Accent Connection platform, or in any connection to the platform, is not allowed. We do not discriminate based on political views; however, the Accent Connection platform is not an appropriate place to express those views.